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In the countryside of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in a little town called Barra Mansa, a girl named Paula was born. Or better said: Poleca.

While making collages and recreating everything she saw ahead of herself, it wasn't long before little Poleca grew up (a lot!).
And soon take her first ride from Barra Mansa directly to this big wild world.

Who would have though, Poleca pointed the handlebars straight up and went to Cambridge.
(English - Newham Language Center)

After a season living in the cold weather, nothing better than going downhill to the city of Rio de Janeiro.
(Architecture and urbanism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro until the 2nd year)

But suddenly, a surprising invitation: start a new cicle, modeling in the concrete jungle.
Riding and modeling, Poleca felt in love with those photo sets and finally found her bliss: design.

Now all that travelling made sense.

At each gear shift, a new project was accomplished.
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And at each pedal stroke, a new path opened.

Graphic Design - Panamerican School of Arts completed in 2005;
Advertising and Marketing - UNIP completed in 2006; Advertising Design - Panamerican School of Arts completed in 2010.

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